Thursday, June 24, 2010

She'll Be Funeralized: What?

This morning, yet another TV reporter sent shivers down my spine when he announced that the victim of a murder would "be funeralized." He quickly stepped on his own toe and stammered, "Sh- she'll be... A funeral will take place tomorrow."

"Oh, no," I exclaimed. "Funeralize?"

Lazy me immediately checked Okay, yes, "funeralize" is an old word--1600's--meaning to conduct a funeral. But, can it be used in the passive?

I hoped not. Why not? After all, one can be eulogized, one can be buried, interred, entombed, lowered into the ground. One is dead. The only non-passive action of a dead person is to decompose.

Okay, fine, I'll get up and check my OE:

Yup. According to my bible, the OED, to funeralize means to conduct a funeral; it also means to make sad or melancholy.

Oh, you naughty TV reporters. It's not your fault. But, now that you've landed the job, could you please do your homework? Your language skills just funeralizes the hell out of me.


Anonymous said...

Your language skills funeralize me OR your language skill funeralizes me. Or am I wrong?

Joan Taber said...

You're not wrong. I'm trying to be as literate as the newscasters.